What we do


We have the vision and conviction that success can be achieved. We have all the power and energy to get it done.


Reaching for a consultant when problems arise is as natural as looking for the sun to come up every morning. When you' re not feeling well, you call for the aid of a doctor. If your car isn't running properly, you take it to a mechanic. And so it is the same logic when a businessperson encounters a difficulty or real-world problem in today's business settings. There are plenty of good companies around, but the best ones consistently discover new market opportunities and utilize their potential for internal optimization. This is exactly where we step in. Our consulting services focus on your most critical issues and potential opportunities. We specialize in strategy, marketing, organization, technology, and operations services across a broad range of industries.

We have, and continue, to foster our expertise and understanding across a varied range of fields including: SMEs Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Energy, Social Impact and Nonprofit, Environment, Tourism, Public Financial Management and Good Governance. The quality of services provided by INNOVA and our staff has resulted in many successfully completed projects in a results-driven environment.

Public enterprises face the challenge of lowering costs while dealing with an increasing number of tasks. We search for where performance can be enhanced, determine where knowledge can be developed and utilized systematically, and implement the appropriate management structures. In the financial sector, where market and profit expectations are constantly changing, we promptly respond with improved process management and training programs.




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