Success stories

" Not everything is in financial results. What matters also is engaging people to build an organization where everyone feels important and can contribute fully."

The Social Protection and Inclusion System in Bosnia and Herzegovina

INNOVA was awarded a contract by UNICEF to conduct a study concerning vunerable groups of children, the policy framework and strategies supporting services for social protection and inclusion of children in BIH within its framework project " SPIS " in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Republic of Serbia - Treasury Administration capacity building

Aim of the project is to build sustainable capacities in the Treasury Administration and Debt Management Administration for: efficient budget execution, financial planning, budget accounting, reporting, and public debt and liquidity management. 



Strengthening Public Expenditure Management (SPEM)

The SPEM project was originally designed as a program of technical assistance and capacity building in ministries of finance at the state, entity and cantonal levels of government and later as technical assistance to further deepening and institutionalizing the process of budget planning and to link this process with the process of policy making at all levels of policy- decision making process.

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Feasibility Study – Investment in Poultry Industry

The aim of the feasibility study was to assess investment opportunities in the poultry market in BiH.