Enhancing the Social Protection and Inclusion of Children (SPIS) in BIH

" SPIS is a European Union supported programme, whose overall objective is to contribute to strengthening the systems and development of policies and programmes for the protection of the socially excluded children and their families. "

Origin of funding

UNICEF -United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund 



BiH, senior project officers and managing persons at different levels of governance in BiH, social service providers, civil servants etc.







Within the SPIS Programme INNOVA was awarded with few different contracts;

Contract Description 



SPIS phase lll ( 12/2011 - ongoing ) - INNOVA Management Consulting was awarded with a contract for implementation of „ Development of Child sensitive budgets in target municipalities“, a programme component under SPIS Project. INNOVA consultants will work closely with the selected institutions, municipalities and CSO´s representatives, helping the project to envisage further major and sustainable innovation to policy-decision making process and the medium-term and annual budget processes and procedures consistent with the capacities. Project will use Comparative Analyses of Payments Tool (CAPT) methodology as previously developed within SPIS but now tailored for specific institutional needs and applied to one of the identified institutional programme(s). Selected institution will present it in its final budget request tables for the 2013 annual budget and the 2013-2015 Budget Framework Document (medium-term budget planning process). 

Contract Description 



Technical support for capacity development in social budgeting for children ( 04/2010 - 12/2010 ) - At the begining of 2010, UNICEF hired INNOVA to support the preparation and delivery of a capacity development programme on social budgeting for children. Four training modules that were prepared and delivered aimed at strengthening the development and preparation of budget plans for children services at different administrative levels in BiH. Training modules covered the following topics: Budgeting as a tool for policy development, Techniques for allocating expenditures for priority setting, Needs assessment, budget projections and planning, and Cost effectiveness: basic concepts and methods.

Contract Description 



SPIS Situation Analysis ( 12/2009 - 04/2010 ) - UNICEF hired INNOVA to conduct a study on the situation of vulnerable groups of children, the policy framework, and strategies supporting services for social protection and inclusion of children. The study aimed to provide the synthesis of existing documents from the perspective of an integrated approach towards protection and inclusion and was focused on the analysis of existing mechanisms of inter-sectoral cooperation and recommendations for the development of such cooperation mechanisms,concepts and methods.