Investment in Poultry Production in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Background Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) is a UNDP global initiative which facilitates business-led solutions to poverty in advancement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This initiative supports the projects aimed at the pro-poor investments that accelerate and sustain access by the low-income and socially excluded population to affordable goods and services, and to employment and livelihood opportunities - through job creation and small enterprise development, including value chain development.Under this project was recognized the potential of BiH poultry industry.

Origin of funding

Kuwait Investment Found and UNDP ( United Nations Development Programme )


Kuwait Investment Found and UNDP ( United Nations Development Programme )

Description of project



The Feasibility Study assessed the investment opportunities in the market for fresh and processed chicken meat in BiH. Through this Study, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the chicken meat industry in BiH and according to the findings provided recommendations for equity investments, which will be made through selected partners (chicken meat producers) in order to expand the partner’s existing business. As a result, the investment has a potential to reduce the current shortage of domestically produced chicken meat products and, at the same time, increase employment and sustainable livelihood opportunities within underdeveloped and rural areas.

The first part of the Feasibility Study contained a comprehensive assessment of the overall chicken meat market in BiH, while the second part of the Feasibility Study (as presented in a separate report) focused on scrutinising a selected group of domestic chicken meat producers in order to identify viable investment opportunities. This part of the Study applyed industry and producer findings and, based on those, included risk factors, development assessment and recommendations.

The key aspects of the feasibility study and our approach are detailed in the sections below as follows:

- Market Potential and Opportunities;

- Regulatory and Environmental Overview;

Other relevant sections as outlined below are contained in a separate report.

  • Technical Feasibility;

  •  Financial Feasibility;

  • Possible Risk Factors;

  • Recommendation for Future Actions.