Our Expertise

" Not everything is in financial results. What matters also is engaging people to build an organization where everyone feels important and can contribute fully."

Government and Public Sector

Today, government agencies are challenged to increase the value and quality of the services they provide whilst closely managing costs and improving efficiencies. INNOVA provides Public Sector agencies with skills in policy development, business solution design and business change to reduce time from policy formulation to service delivery.




Helping organizations improve business/quality management systems through training, coaching, process improvement and implementation project support.





Continuing increases in farm efficiency and productivity have made it difficult for small farm operators to manage a profit. Many small, family farms here are finding they need to get bigger or get out.




Our communication consulting team takes great pride in collaborating with our clients to develop and implement innovative communication solutions that enable them and their organization to succeed.



Energy, Enviroment and Utilities

In the face of changing regulatory requirements, rising customer demand and increasing environmental pressure, utilities must transform their operations to ensure compliance, cut costs and promote sustainability. Today smart energy solutions, experience and capabilities are benefiting the industry.



Infrastructure and Transportation

Construction, mass transportation and infrastructure companies are undergoing dramatic changes and facing multiple challenges in this rapidly urbanizing and globalized marketplace.




Our team provides a full range of consulting and advisory services for both public and private sector entities with interests in the field of tourism.