Pilot study on rationalization/ optimization of primary schools’ network in the Municipalities of Banja Luka and Sanski Most

In 2009, the Mission launched the network rationalization project by preparing two pilot studies on school networks in the municipalities of Sanski Most and Banja Luka. Those studies present a comprehensive analysis of the current school networks in these areas, supported by the demographic, geographic, social and economic indicators.School network optimization (or “rationalization”) provides a basis for change in the school network so that the availability and effectiveness of primary education is increased for all students.

Origin of funding

Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)


Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

Description of project


The OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina Education Department hired INNOVA to conduct a pilot study and propose an action plan in a targeted area in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of the consultancy was to complete a proposal for the school networks within the unit. The study included an assessment of demographic, geographic, economic, cultural and educational variables and a proposed action plan for school rationalization efforts within the Municipalities of Banja Luka and Sanski Most. The results of this study should ensure progress towards networks that will maximally guarantee educational quality and relevance for all children irrespective of their gender and geographical, social, ethnical, or cultural background, while at the same time taking cognizance of economic rationalization and economic resources.