Review of Enterprise Restructuring Sector Fund (ESRF)


The primary objective of the ESRF is to alleviate poverty by assisting the transformation of the BiH economy according to the priorities defined in the Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS).

The second objective of the project is to encourage the development of a single market within Bosnia.

The third objective of the project is to encourage  dialogue and co-operation between the Entities and the State in the economic sphere.


Origin of funding

Found (ESRF) - Enterprise Sector Recovery Fund


Netherlands, DFID, SIDA, Ministry of foregin Affairas ot the BiH

Description of project


The Enterprise Sector Recovery Found (ESRF) is a harmonised technical assisatnce fund with up to EUR 11 milion of financing provided to the Government of BiH by the Governments of the Netherlands(EKN), Sweden (SIDA) and the United Kingdom (DFIFD). The overall aim of the project is to improve conditons for growth, investment and employment, encourage the development of existing and new enterprises and make BiH enterprises more competitive. The project commenced in Decembar 2006 but has had limitetd results. As a result INNOVA was contracted by DFID to conduct an external review and assessment of ESRF project in order to assess the viability of the project going forward and make a recommendation to the three donors on whether to continue the project, and how, or to cancel it.