Sthrenghthening Public Expenditure Management (SPEM)

The project represents twenty-five month programme of technical assistance to the State, Entity and Cantonal Governments for futher institutionalise and deepen the budget planning process and link that process to the prolicy making process across all levels of government.

Origin of funding

DFID - UK Government Department responsible for promoting development and the reduction of poverty


BIH, Entity, Canton Ministries, Parliaments and CSOs

Description of project


Strengthening of Public Expenditure Management (SPEM) in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a complexed project devided in two phases;

  • (PHASE II )

During the period in 07/2007 - 03/2008, INNOVA was subcontracted by PKF to provide technical assistance to support the Ministry of Finance and Treasury in effective budget planning. INNOVA was specifically responsible for providing capacity building for the budget formulation process and facilitating the preparation of the state level Medium-Term Budget Framework. In the course of the project INNOVA also provided assistance to line Ministries in order to establish a direct link between their respective policy initiatives and budget plans.

  • (PHASE III )

During the period in 03/2009 - 04/2011 SPEM III project was intended to build on the work of the previous two projects by further institutionalising and deepening medium term budget planning processes and link those processes to the policy making process across all levels of Government in BIH. There is particular focus on Agriculture SMEs, Energy, Education, Health, Tourism and Social sectors. Very important component of the Project is introduction of gender responsive budgeting in all segments of the budget cycle. The project will also aim to enhance the role of the BiH Parliaments and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in th budget process by strengthening their capacity to scrutinise and analyse budget policies and spending plans.


As one of many results of this project this website has couse to ensure online access to all the materials form the project above.